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Book Cover Design

Showcasing some of my recent designs that are now on there way to becoming Best Sellers and highly talked about.

The Extinction Cycle Book 1

The Dark Secre

Sci fi thriller


Book Cover Design

Best place to get your book cover designs and eBook covers. A one stop shop for Custom book covers and premade book covers.

eBook Cover Design

Clear , unique & mesmerizing eBook cover design for your eBooks / Kindle eBooks / Nook books. Readers can’t wait to take a peek of the story behind the cover.

Custom Book Cover Design

Get a Custom book cover design tailored for just your book. Tell me how you have envisioned your book cover and I promise to ” WOW ! “ you with the design.

Premade Book Covers

Huge collection of premade book covers for indie authors, affordable yet stunning designs. Once sold, a premade is not available for resale, i.e, you get a unique book cover.

Book Cover Design Features

  • High resolution book cover design
  • No extra charges for stock images
  • Unique and stunning design


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Custom Book Cover

Awesome Book Covers You Will Love

Welcome to my creative world of book cover design. My book cover designs are visually striking and attention grabbing. While designing a cover, my first priority remains to produce a design that generates excitement and arouse curiosity within the readers, yet communicating the concept of the story.
It’s a proven fact, book with a well designed cover graphics sells more than one without. So it is critical to have a book cover that accompanies your book and conveys the thought of the story. Authors realizing this simple fact are more successful than others. A well designed book cover talks to the reader and convinces to pick it up and have a look inside, after all book cover is the best tool of marketing a book.

What Author Say About Our Book Cover Designs

  • Paramita is unique in the cover artist world. She's professional yes, but so artistically talented. I only have to express a simple idea and she presents me with options I never perceived in my wildest dreams. I'm so proud to have her available to me for my covers. My readers expect the best and Paramita fulfills those expectations.eliconE L Loraine Corporate ties
  • The artwork I received from Creativeparamita wasn’t just what I described, it was the eye-candy I’d envisioned for my work from day one. I got all I asked for and more, style, flare, professionalism, and a book cover that will market my vision to the masses. alaurashouseauthor.comAlauraAlaura Shouse The Hiding
  • After my book was done, there was all the usual problems of finding the right cover for my was my dad who actually found this site called Creative Paramita and I immediately took the opportunity to sign in and ask her help. Within 3 days, she was done with the front cover and within a week she was done with was so quick, easy and not confusing....prizes are very reasonable and they are even premade covers which are cheaper....amazing job she has done for my book. Thanks a lot...Syaz-JrSyaz Jz Vampires Dawn
  • Fortune smiled on me the day I crossed paths with Paramita Bhattacharjee. She is a very talented and fast working artist, who created two covers (with a third coming likely this summer) for me that really make my books stand out. She is intuitive to an author's needs and willing to listen to suggestions and make minor changes (if required). She also gives variants of the covers she creates so the author can pull their hair out (joking) while trying to decide which one gets their message across best. All kidding aside, I am overjoyed to have met Paramita and even happier with the covers she's created. I wish her a long and fruitful career!rob-imageRobert Morganbesser author of Enclave, A Novel of the Zombie Apocalypse and Tales of a (Mostly) Dead Planet: A Zombie Anthology.
  • There are a lot of cover designers out there these days, but if you're in the market for a perfect balance of quality and affordability, you're not going to find a better choice than Paramita. She's fast, dependable, responsive, and most importantly, always delivers a high-quality final product. My only regret? I didn't find her sooner!Sam SisavathSam Sisavath Purge of Babylon Series
  • One word describes this business, "Professional". One word describes the designers, "Phenomenal". I had a great experience and the cover was more than I envisioned. Thank youStar Adrianne WilliamsStar Adrianne Williams Looking Lonely in the Face
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