social media book sales

Introduction: With time, everything is shifting to the internet world, including the businesses. And among the many businesses in the world is the book business that is handled by the authors around the world. So, the question is: what are the benefits of the internet for the authors? Well, if I want to keep it […]

author books website traffic

Introduction: If you are an author then you are aware of the fact that your author website is a key element in determining the success of your career as a writer. Every author requires a good amount of traffic on their website. But getting traffic to the author websites can be a difficult task. There […]

tips to market your book and your author brand on Pinterest

Introduction: Writers need to utilize every social media site to market their author brand and their books. The social media sites provide all the tools and features that can help writers achieve success. Among the different social media sites, Pinterest is an interesting one that can be used for the marketing of author’s brand and […]

When to choose premade book cover and when to choose a custom book cover

Introduction: Once you have finished writing your book. The obvious next next towards publishing your book would be to find the right cover design. Typically book cover designs are sold in two ways, namely premade and custom. Premade book covers are pre designed cover designs available readily for you to purchase and use right away. […]

How to juggle life and work as a writer

When asked writer Gregory, he told Creative Paramita : Yes. I had thought so too; achieving something meaningful in life while working as a writer is to want the impossible. The reward is hardly anything compared to the efforts put in and responsibilities life put before us.   Even writers with full-time jobs struggle to […]

7 Most Effective Book Promotion Ideas For A Romance Book

Introduction: If you are a writer, then you know how book promotions can be a complex task. Promoting a book well can ensure its success. Therefore, every writer should make sure that proper steps are taken that are effective in promoting a book. Promoting a book depends on a lot of different factors and one […]

How to become a fulltime writer

Some thought from writer Gregory :   There is hardly any writer who started as a fulltime writer. Like myself, there was that skepticism if I had what it takes; if the world will read and love my work.   Eventually, after several attempts, I began to master the art of writing, and ultimately, began […]

successful writer

Introduction Do you want to be a successful writer? Worry no more; we are going to give you excellent tips on how to become one. People have different reasons for becoming successful writers. Writing itself is not an easy task; it needs a lot of thinking, putting down ideas and facts on paper. So how […]

how to sale your book

Writing a book is not easy work. An author tends to spend a lot of time and resources, putting together a book. However, most of the authors do not know how to market and sell their Book, thus looking for marketing services to do that for them. When you start writing a book, you need […]

importance of author bio

An author’s bio involves a writer writing about themselves. It is a task that most of them tend to shy away from. The information is an essential thing as it makes the readers know who wrote the book, their level of education country of origin, and many more. But to write the best author bio, […]