guide to choose best publishing partner

The decision of becoming a self-published author for your book is the best thing you have taken by long shot, whether that be from the rejections that you have faced or simply because of the convenience and control you have on publishing your work. If you’re a writer, there are high chances that you have […]

5 Reasons Why Are Audio Books So Popular

Letting the narrator’s voice pour in while paying attention to a story is relaxing, and audio books can convey that feeling. many of us learn to read by being attentive to somebody else read to them, be it a friend, family member, or even a work colleague. With growing popularity of audio books curtest of […]

book cover design tips

The heavy and radical advancement in graphical technology has enabled book covers to be designed in a way not achievable with pen and paper alone. With these upcoming technologies, book covers are becoming better making books more popular today. Time now dictates the odds rapidly rising in favor of the eBooks and paperbacks due to […]

Interview of Creative Paramita

My interview published on “Nuff Said Publishing.” Read about me on their site: If you need a beautifully unique cover, Creative Paramita is the website to visit. Paramita has created covers for upcoming and bestselling authors, including Sam Sisavath and Nicholas Sansbury Smith. Nuff Said is privileged enough to have nabbed her services on a few projects. Learn more […]

gold star award august 2014

I am So excited to share the news, I won a gold star award on e-Book Cover Design Awards, August 2014 held by popular blog The book designer.   Joel Friedlander added a comment to the design “Some great irony, she doesn’t look very lucky does she? A really good cover with both energy in the background and […]