Premade Crime Book Covers for Masterpieces of Crime Fiction

Are you a crime book writer seeking the perfect cover for your masterpiece? Our diverse range of premade crime book covers caters to every conceivable sub-genre in the vast landscape of crime literature. Our covers are more than just visually appealing designs; they are powerful tools that amplify your book’s allure, boosting sales, and broadening readership.

Whether you’re penning a Detective Fiction or a Police Procedural, our designs encapsulate the suspense and intrigue these stories promise. Our Hard-Boiled Crime, Cozy Mystery, Legal Thriller, and Forensic Crime covers convey the gripping nature of your narratives, while the Historical Crime covers transport readers back in time.

Our Noir and Neo-Noir covers ooze dark allure, while Heist, Espionage, and Spy Thriller covers are imbued with thrilling suspense. For a taste of the political, our Political Thriller, Crime Caper, and Serial Killer covers hit the mark. Psychological Thriller covers, on the other hand, delve into the mind’s darkest corners.

We haven’t forgotten lovers of Murder Mystery, True Crime, or Crime Drama. Our Gangster, Mafia, and Organized Crime covers perfectly depict the underworld’s lawless nature. And for those weaving tales of Vigilante Justice or dabbling in Crime Romance, we’ve got you covered.

From Private Investigator stories to Amateur Sleuth mysteries, Locked Room Mysteries to Whodunit puzzles, we provide a cover for all. Supernatural Crime, Paranormal Crime, Techno-Thriller, Cyber Crime, Eco-Thriller, Medical Crime, Crime Adventure, Military Thriller, Terrorism Thriller, and Biographical Crime genres all find a home in our catalogue.

Our range extends to the chilling realm of Domestic Thriller, the unsolved enigmas of Cold Case Mysteries, and the intense narratives of Kidnapping and Abduction. Crime and Family Drama, Revenge Crime, White-Collar Crime, Financial, Art Theft Crime, International Crime, Crime Satire, Crime Comedy, Feminist Crime Fiction, and LGBTQ+ Crime Fiction covers are all available.

We cater to Post-Apocalyptic Crime, Crime and Society, Human Trafficking, Drug Crime, Action Crime, Mystery Thriller, Juvenile Crime, YA Crime Fiction, Crime in Academia, Southern, Western, Steampunk, Dystopian Crime, Mystery Horror, Christmas Crime, Summer, Scandinavian Crime, Crime in Religion, Immigrant Crime, Victorian, Medieval, Ancient, Future, Space Crime, Time-Travel, Foodie Crime, Pet Detective, Celebrity Crime, Sports, Wine Crime, Music, Philosophical, Crime Parody, Alien, Superhero, Comic Crime, Crime in Journalism, Rural, Urban, Tribal, Exotic Location, Wilderness, Maritime, Air, Train Crime, Road, Environmental Crime, and Multicultural Crime.

Your crime story deserves a cover as riveting as the narrative within its pages. Start browsing our cover designs today – your perfect crime book cover is waiting for you. Discover the compelling difference professionally designed premade book covers can make for your crime story today.

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