Premade Fantasy book covers for your upcoming best seller. Fantasy is a genre of books and stories; that takes place in a world that is sometimes similar to our world, and other times vastly different. The settings can be anywhere from an imaginary kingdom to an entirely different universe. And the stories can be set anywhere from long ago to far in the future. It is a genre of fiction that relies heavily on magic and other supernatural forces; to tell stories of adventure, magic, and destiny.

The best fantasy books can transport readers to other worlds. Sometimes with different laws of physics, different languages, and different cultures. While leaving them feeling like they have been places and learned things. They can also introduce readers to new worlds and cultures. Which is why reading a good fantasy book can feel like discovering an entirely new world. While designing a Fantasy book cover  I try to portray all of that.

The most common sub-genres of fantasy book covers are High fantasy, which tells stories of noble heroes, kings, and queens. Epic fantasy, which tells stories of larger-than-life figures such as elves, dragons, and magic. Sword and sorcery, which tells stories of dark, gritty, and morally ambiguous characters. Also we have Dark Fantasy, Fables, Super hero fantasy, Sci fi fantasy, Urban fantasy, Magical fantasy and so many others. Fantasy books are often set in worlds where magic and other fantastical things exist. While the genre has been described as the realm of the imagination. The fantasy genre has become incredibly popular, with many books and movies being based on or coming from the world of fantasy.

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