10 Important Tips To Market Your Book And Your Author Brand On Pinterest

tips to market your book and your author brand on Pinterest


Writers need to utilize every social media site to market their author brand and their books. The social media sites provide all the tools and features that can help writers achieve success. Among the different social media sites, Pinterest is an interesting one that can be used for the marketing of author’s brand and books. In this article, I am going to talk about the 10 most important tips for marketing the author brand and book on Pinterest, in an effective manner. So, if you are a writer, then you should consider these 10 important tips!

10 Important Tips To Market Your Book And Your Author Brand On Pinterest:

Following are the 10 most important tips, with the help of which authors can market their books and their author brand on Pinterest.

  1. Author pin board on Pinterest.
    An author should use Pinterest to let the readers and followers know who they are and what their content is about. This can be done by creating an author pinboard on Pinterest which can help the authors display their world to the followers and readers and let them know all that they need to, about their content.
  2. A board for each book of yours.
    Authors should also create a separate board for each book of theirs. This will help the followers get more content about each book and will help the authors in marketing their books and author brand on Pinterest in a smart way.
  3. Board for book recommendations.
    Authors can create a separate board on Pinterest on which they will recommend books to the readers to read. This can include books from other authors. This approach will let the followers see that you care about them and want them to read great content and that it is your only goal instead of just trying to sell your own books. This will help all the authors to market their author brand and books while also creating a good image in the eyes of the followers, fans and readers.
  4. Interact with readers.
    If you want to market your author brand and books and build a good image and reputation among the readers, then you need to interact with them more often. The best way to do this is creating a board on Pinterest in which you will post pictures of the readers with your books. You can do it in the way of a game by asking readers to post pictures with your books and then you can post them in your specific board. This will help you build a good relation with your readers.
  5. Post your own pictures.
    In order to market your author brand and books, you need to develop a good relation with all the readers. A personal touch is required to build this relation. For achieving this, you can post pictures of yourself from different book signing events and other book related places. This will help the readers connect with you on a personal level and will lead to success for you as a writer.
  6. Community boards are helpful.
    Along with creating your own boards, you should also join the community boards on Pinterest to connect with other readers and fans of your books. Connecting with other people is a major way of marketing your books and your author brand in a good way. So, make use of the community boards on Pinterest.
  7. Link to your other profiles.
    When you post something on Pinterest, you can put links to your website or your other social media profiles so that the people can visit those as well. This will help in increasing your follower base and will help you improve the marketing of your books and your author brand. So, make use of this feature on Pinterest as well.
  8. Repin content of others.
    Marketing the author brand is all about connecting with the readers and fans. In order to market your author brand on Pinterest, you need to connect with others on a deeper level. So, one method of doing this is to repin and like the content that other people share. This will help them see that you appreciate others and will help you build a good image.
  9. Hashtags on Pinterest.
    Using hashtags on your posts on Pinterest is a great way for you to get your posts to reach out to as many people as possible. So, use the relevant hashtags on all your posts as this will help in reaching out to more people and you will be able to market your author brand and books effectively.
  10. The right images.
    Pinterest is an image based social media platform. So, in order to market your author brand and books effectively, you need to use the right images for all your posts. You will also need the right book covers if you want to attract your audience. Thanks for visiting www.creativeparamita.com the right place for your book cover. We offer custom book covers as well as premade book covers that will help you make your books a success.


    If you follow these 10 important tips, you will be able to market your author brand and your books on Pinterest in an effective way. This will help you achieve success as a writer in the long run. I hope that this article was of some help to you!

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