7 Things to Check on a Book Cover Design before Buying, that could Make or Break your Stories

book cover design tips

The heavy and radical advancement in graphical technology has enabled book covers to be designed in a way not achievable with pen and paper alone. With these upcoming technologies, book covers are becoming better making books more popular today. Time now dictates the odds rapidly rising in favor of the eBooks and paperbacks due to better-designed covers. So how does a book cover design affect the appearance and outlook of a book and why is it so important to have a professionally designed book cover. This article will explore the details that play into the world of book covers.

Design must draw Readers Attention

First impressions are the last ones, this holds very true for a book. Book covers are what you get attracted to when in a book store or browsing on Amazon. The reader still doesn’t yet know what exciting adventure awaits inside the book, but a good cover design can incite the very curious nature lying dormant inside you getting you to buy the book itself. Book covers are the ones that gets a book noticed. The book covers are what makes the feel of the book to be special and creates anticipation.

book cover stand out

Your Book should Stand out in the Crowd

A book cover isn’t just a front page with pretty colors and texts. Book covers are the defining pieces of the book, making them a collector’s item, a dream come true, an inspiration source of your imagination. Book covers make books timeless conversations trapped in pages. A great book cover can greatly help in targeting and presenting your books to the audience. In this extremely competitive and congested market the key for being successful is to stand out. Goal of a good book cover should be to fulfill that premise.

Look professional in your Appearance

Book covers must be attractive and designed to convey information subtly. When readers come across a book cover, the first impression matters. How much the cover of the book attracts the person is directly proportional to how professionally the cover is done. By appearing professional I mean how closer to the target audiences’ expectation is the book, and the only way to prove the worth with out them actually reading the book is by means of visual representation. So your book cover design should appeal to your audience the best way possible. The book isn’t for the author, it is for the people that are going to buy and read and cherish it. Therefore, the book must have a cover design that coveys to them your intent and subject. A better to your target audience will result in the author being much closer to achieving the bestselling title.

Your book cover design should convey the genre properly

There is a lot of competition in the book publishing market. Multiple authors are targeting one genre and multiple genres upcoming on the literary horizon. This means that to be unique is the key to success. But the idea of unique must not stray away from the satisfaction of your target audience. Maintaining the genre of the book is of utmost importance. The book still exists for the sole purpose of entertaining your target audience however if they don’t really get the flavour of what they are looking for from your book’s cover design upfront you miss the target by miles.

Clean design

Don’t overload the design with information

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. A clean book cover design that strikes the heart and mind with what the reader wants is what will take the book to greater heights. Overcrowding the book cover leads to a misunderstanding of the book before reading and even spoilers that no one wants. The cover must be filled with the power to incite suspense and the urge to read with very little information but in an impactful way. It should convey what the book is about with simple illustrations.

Keep the design subtle don’t make it obvious

Further clarifying my previous point, the design must be subtle. Without spoilers and too much information about the plot. The idea is to let your readers keep guessing and engaged, this will encourage them to pick up the book and find out what’s going on inside the pages.

Ask for help if you need it.

The quality of the books is conveyed by their covers. Designing book covers is very important and is one of the best ways to attract readers to your book. Clean and strong designs while remaining subtle is the key to a successful book. A professional book cover designer knows exactly what is the right blend that you need to make the book get noticed, so if you need it ask for the help. I have designed a few Thousand covers in my carrier as a book cover artist and seen so many people making these mistakes. If you feel like check out some of my book cover designs and premade book covers (an affordable solution for authors in a budget) at creativeparamita and you will have a fare idea of the aspects I talked about.

book cover design
Awesome book cover designs

The function of a great book cover design is to get the book noticed. So, while choosing the perfect design for the book you have written keep these few things in mind and you should all good to go.

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