How to make a great social media appearance for the writers

social media appearance for writers

Social Media Appearance 

No matter if you are entering the world of writing and wondering where to start, or you are a professional, as a writer, you should have a social media presence. Many young writers and those who are late bloomers believe that they don’t have a portfolio or anything to offer to the world. Don’t let the lack of confidence or experience stop you from expressing your voice on social media channels.

But the social media presence isn’t only about Instagram or Facebook. There’s more to it, and you should go beyond creating a fan page or opening a business account. Although it’s not necessary to be a published writer, you should create a social media strategy to leave a professional impression.

Therefore, whether you are a writer with many years of experience or one who’s struggling with getting past the title of your novel, we will help you craft your writer’s social media appearance.

Create a strong portfolio even if you never had a client or published book

The first thing that stops many from ever embarking the writing journey is the paradox of the writing portfolio. – If nobody gives me a chance, how will I create a portfolio? But you don’t have to wait for help and other people validating your pitches. Start today. If you wrote a novel, proofread it and polish it to perfection. You can try publishing one or two chapters on beginner-friendly websites to check how the readers will react to your content. If you are courageous and self-assured enough, you can even try self-publishing on Amazon or Kindle.

If you prefer taking small steps or you are a content or copywriter, write articles on topics you have a zest for or are relevant today. It will help you if you choose your niche and write in a specific genre and about unique themes. The next step is to find a free portfolio website for writers and publish your content. In the beginning, you don’t need to have more than ten examples of your writing. However, always make sure that your text is concise, original, and grammatically correct.

Now that you have a portfolio, you can prove your skills, and you can redirect followers or potential readers to your page.

Give your books a professional touch with unique covers and design

What’s a book without its covers? It’s the book cover that illustrates its essence, depth, and hidden message. The design wraps up the book, and it conveys a message that it’s a serious piece of art and a product ready for the market. Even if you are not planning to go for a print edition, if you want your readers to take you seriously, you should ensure that your book has a book cover.

Nevertheless, pay attention to all that a book cover means. You might think that it’s enough to choose anyone who can draw or pay for the stock or some author photography. Or you might even think you can take the job of your own illustrator, which isn’t recommendable unless you are a professional. Why? – Because the front and back cover shouldn’t exist only to start your (self)publishing journey faster. Especially if it’s your first one, you should go in with all your power and offer a book that’s mesmerizing in all its forms.

What your book need is an illustration that arouses curiosity and the desire to know more, to turn the next page. A book cover should grab the attention and invite readers to enter its world. No matter how compelling your story is, it’s the book covers that have a decisive role when one is purchasing a book. For 79 percent of people, covers influence their decision on whether the book is worthy of reading.

Besides, we are living in a flashy and marketing-driven world, and the covers are your best advertisement. The cover graphics will incite the excitement and boost your sales. However, you shouldn’t have to hassle with the copyrights or a long designer pursuit, which is why there are book artists, such as Creative Paramita, who can shorten that process. Thus, they tell a story of your book with strong visuals.

Let social media manifest your passion, dedication, and offer

Not everyone feels passionate about social media or has the nerves and time to be active. But the last two decades have shown us that whether you write novels, articles, scripts, or sell tech gadgets, you can’t escape social media. They are one of the most efficient tools to gain exposure and gain interest. It’s where you can find or increase your audience, and you need to put effort and dedication into it.

The social media journey is more difficult for those finding their way into the writing world and starting with zero followers. But it’s not impossible, and it will reward you with great results manifesting in agents, publishers, and clients notice you.

Once you created your portfolio and found a skillful and trusted book artist whose visuals can make your covers stand out, you have enough quality material for social media. Due to being time-consuming, you should focus on one or two networks, but try to be present on all platforms relevant for writers.

Which social media networks are beneficial for your writer’s journey?

Facebook is great for posting longer content and linking it to your website or portfolio. It allows you to add photos, track your engagement, and boost your visibility. Instagram doesn’t love long word counts that much, but it’s essential to showcase the stunning design of your book covers. You can add short descriptions or quotes from your book to stir up the interest of your audience. Thus, it’s compatible with poetry writers because you can create inspiring photos and accompany them with your verses or quotes.

Although Twitter is in the short-form squad, you can utilize it for demonstrating your writing skills, connecting with other writers, and publishers. LinkedIn will assure that potential agents and publishers take your work seriously, which is why you can share your content and updates on this platform

After being active, posting often, and engaging with your followers, you will increase your visibility and odds of success. Social media are a great place to create a stable audience, grow as a writer, and gain contacts. Therefore, although the journey of creating your writer’s social media appearance is challenging, it’s rewarding and one step forward towards publishing a book.

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