How to Write a Good Author Bio and Why It is Important

importance of author bio

An author’s bio involves a writer writing about themselves. It is a task that most of them tend to shy away from. The information is an essential thing as it makes the readers know who wrote the book, their level of education country of origin, and many more. But to write the best author bio, you need to follow some steps that we will follow in this article, as well as why the author bio is essential.

The following are tips that will sell your book even more.

Tips in writing a good bio:

author bio writing tips

  • Mention your Credentials on your book subject

Give a detailed explanation of your credentials in the topic area. Mention your professional degree, accomplishments, places you have worked, awards you have ever won, and many more. State all the credentials that show all the authority and credibility in the workplace. Do not struggle in writing about yourself since it tells the readers why they should read about you.

  • State all the achievements that create credibility or intrigues the readers

Write the things you have ever accomplished in your life. This majorly occurs when the author does not have direct credentials and authority in the book matter. It is a crucial thing as it brings an understanding to the audience how important it is for them to spend their money reading what you wrote.

Any unusual thing you possess or have done should be included in the bio regardless of whether it is essential. It will make the readers understand that you have ever done anything remarkable, even if they are not related to the book. Put your passions and credentials if you are missing the essential things.

All the things you enjoyed doing should be put in the bio or your hobby if they can be relevant to the book. However, be careful and not put things that the reader does not care about.

  • Mention books you have authored and your website

Have you ever authored a book, make sure you list them in the author’s bio. Does your writing skills have ever made you win a writing award, list them. If the awards are too many, use abbreviations instead. As an author, you must have an author website that will help in marketing your book. Make sure you include the bio at the bottom of the bio. Do not brag too much, however.

  • It should be short and simple

You should avoid bragging arrogantly on how great you are in the bio. Focus on the things that matter and relevant to the book.  If you use too many accomplishments in the bio, it will turn off to the readers. It will also reduce your credibility. The bio should be approximately 150 words. If you go above this limit, you have listed too much of your achievements or any other unimportant things. Reduce it to the most important things.

  • Write in a third person and not the first person

Use words like she is, he is and not words like I am. Writing in the first person will indicate that you are an amateur.

  • State the theme of the work

It shows what you are writing about; if your craft is on the fiction or non-fictional writing. State if you have published any books, if yes; state the books you have ever published. It will make the readers have a straightforward knowledge about you.

  •  The bio should be continuously updated

Add all your recent achievements. Keep on adding them on the bio to make t up to date. Do not forget to add even media reviews. Update them on your websites and invite readers to visit the website for more information. You should be very careful not to congest the bio section of your book with many things.

Importance of the bio

author bio importance

The author’s bio is a very excellent marketing tool for the authors. It shows who you are and how important you are to the book. The reader and the author interact and form a relationship. It will be great if they know who they are interacting with and his/her expertise in writing about specific topics. The readers will make sure they know all these details before picking up a book.

Where should the author’s bio appear?

The bio of the author is mostly found in the back of the book cover. Therefore the author must ensure they have a well-designed book cover. Also the bio can be placed inside of the book or hardback book flap.

A template for the information of the author bio;

author bio guide

You need to write your bio very well to attract more readers. We will provide you with some steps you need to follow in writing a good author bio. It is just a template.

  •  The first sentence- Author; it is a statement that introduces if the subject is credible and authorship of the previous books
  • The second sentence should provide more information on the author’s credibility and qualification to write the book.
  • The third sentence- it must show the information that is related to the book or very compelling knowledge of the book.
  • Fourth sentence- in the fourth sentence, the author needs to show his credibility by awards or other achievements he/she has ever won. They must be credible as they should strive to provide the links that will direct the readers to the awards.
  • Fifth sentence- it should involve brief personal information on the author of the book.
  • Sixth sentence- the information in the sixth sentence should entail the links that will direct readers to the author’s website.

Writing a book is a very complicated task. It needs excellent planning so that to come up with the best work. The author’s bio is one of the things of importance to the book. In this article, we extensively discussed the importance of the author’s bio and powerful tips on how it should be written.

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