When to choose premade book cover and when to choose a custom book cover

When to choose premade book cover and when to choose a custom book cover


Once you have finished writing your book. The obvious next next towards publishing your book would be to find the right cover design. Typically book cover designs are sold in two ways, namely premade and custom. Premade book covers are pre designed cover designs available readily for you to purchase and use right away. While custom book cover design are ones to be designed based on your choice and story of your book.

A customized book cover will provide you with numerous options and a very high grade of customization while the premade book cover designs have their own perks.  You may be asking yourself when you should choose the premade or custom book cover designers but do not worry, we have covered all the things you need to know below.

When to choose a premade book cover

A premade book cover is basically a generic book cover that is sold by graphic designers that will only require the title and the author name to be added on. A designer will have a full gallery of the covers to display and select from. Each cover will have its own price.

1. A very limited budget

The cost of a premade cover is not expensive, but it depends on the type of project you are doing, the work needed in the completion of the project and designer you choose to work with. When you decide to use the work of a skilled designer, you will get the quality cover at a very lower price. When having a budget that is very limited and you cannot spend a lot of money on the cover, you need to choose a quality premade book cover.

Creative Paramita offers premade book covers at a very affordable price that everyone can afford. If you are new, with a limited and looking for a place to get your premade cover for your book, then creative Paramita is the place to be.

2. A short deadline for publishing

You may have spent a lot of time in writing your book and remaining with very minimal time for publishing the book. You will not have time to order a customized book cover for you, but instead, you will choose to an already designed cover. The custom design process is quite long that will see you spent a lot of time. Custom cover designers are usually booked months in advance, so if you do not have time and need to publish your book quickly, then the premade service is the way to go.

3. Looking for a good cover right from the start

Some times you may be lucky to find a book cover that you have been looking for from the start on the premade cover on the websites. You may do several revisions to ensure that the premade cover looks very perfect. It might be a good idea to ask your colleagues, friends and family to see if the cover is good for the book or not. You can also ask your readers on the feedback about the premade design you have chosen.

4. When you want the cover immediately

Purchasing a premade cover usually takes very less time. You can receive your cover for up to 48 hours.  You will not need to wait for a very long time like the custom book design for your cover to be delivered.

When to choose a custom book cover

A custom book cover involves the ordering of a cover forms the designer to personalize the book. An author gives out instructions to the designer on how they want their book to look like and what exactly they are looking for.  There are numerous freelancers that you can find online. They will give you a quote and explain all they want.

1. When looking for a high-quality book cover

Custom book covers are done according to the instructions provided by the author.  The cover will then be made according to the needs of the author.  Unlike the premade book covers, the design of the custom book covers usually take time a lot of time. The results of the cover will be of a very high quality that will attract readers.

2. Tailor-made

When you need a book cover that will suit your demands, then the custom book cover designs are the best for you. You will communicate directly to the designer on the requirements you need.  You will continue revising the book until when it meets your demands.

3. When having a lot of time

When your publishing date in not hanging over your head. You may consider a custom book cover design rather than the premade. The final product will be a result of what you want the book cover to look like. If you have plenty of time, then the custom book covers are the best way to go.

4. Money

If you do not have a problem spending a bit more then the custom design is the best for you. Professionals recommend that hiring professional designers to do your cover is the best thing. It will make sure that the output looks excellent and can be very pleasant to you and the readers. The recommended place you can get the best book covers is at Creative Paramita.


There are two types of book covers being offered by designers, i.e. premade and custom made cover designs. Numerous factors will determine the type of cover you will select for your book. When you are in a hurry and having a very limited time or budget. Choosing a premade cover ill to be the best option for you.  In contrast, when you want a high-quality cover designed according to your instructions, and you have a higher budget. Then a custom designed book cover could be the best option for you. Going through this article will help you know the type of cover you need for your book.

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