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how to sale your book

Writing a book is not easy work. An author tends to spend a lot of time and resources, putting together a book. However, most of the authors do not know how to market and sell their Book, thus looking for marketing services to do that for them. When you start writing a book, you need to know how the book should be sold.
I will give you an extensive way of guiding you to your Book’s success after writing it. Below, I have discussed some of the best ways to maximize the selling of your Book to the readers. However, it should not just be a book but also a well-written book that will attract the readers’ attention.

How to sell your Book

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  • Know/steal some big ideas

    You may have used a lot of time writing a book, but you must set plenty of time for your book’s marketing. Marketing also requires time and a plan. Your peers will give you some of the best pieces of advice on how to go with your Book. Their feedback and advice are essential.
    Your Book’s topic may be similar to other books that have been written before. Research on how these books were marketed. You will find out the promotional services that they did. Choose the best promotional campaigns that will work for your Book and suitable for readers. Have a plan on how you would adapt to the marketing of your Book.
    For example, if you are writing about the history of Donald Trump, research on how books of other US presidents were marketed. You will get good information on how the books were marketed and sold. This will help you increase the number of books you will sell. Do not just sit down waiting for ideas to come, look for them.

  • Have a goal

    Every author wants their Book to hit the market and be successful immediately. They dream of selling large numbers of their books. Authors crave for their work to be the best selling in the market. Goals will help you in setting the future of the Book. Again research is very crucial for the success of the Book to see what your peers have done.
    Look for the media houses they have been interviewed, where they have published their works such as magazines and newspapers, where will you want to put your work. These connections are significant that you need to concentrate on. Look for areas where the excerpts of the Book will be published.
    Have control of what you are expecting. It will permit you to understand and assist the selling of the Book.

  • Build a professional brand

    Your name is your professional brand for your Book. Do not use pseudo to create a professional brand for your Book. Just have a clear image of what you want your Book to look like. Come up with the best words to be associated with your brand. There are many ways to achieve this. Use the advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook for this purpose.
    Create also profiles on Instagram and Twitter using your professional name. Publish some short stories on your professional accounts. Use this platform to promote your services.
    Everything posted on your professional platforms will be associated with your brand. Make sure all the things you post are professional and will improve your brand.

  • Form an amplification network

    Your Book’s readers may not be the ones liking or commenting on your social media posts but are beyond that. Your social media follower should read your Book. The only disadvantage of them is they cannot recommend or tell other people about your Book. Amplifiers are voices that are trusted, and their recommendations carry a lot of weight.
    Put them into consideration and allow them to write a blurb that will appear on the jacket of your Book. They are easily accessible; you can find them anywhere. Enroll in high-level writing classes. Join groups with the best writers or focus on a writing retreat when your Book is a fiction one.
    If the Book is non-fiction, join LinkedIn or other platforms that will assist you in meeting people interested/ or working on your field. Create a great rapport with them that will allow you to ask them to market your Book to their followers and readers. Develop the virtue of generosity so that when you are asked to return the favor, you will also do it.

  • Create a website

    If you are an author, you must have a website. It is the backbone of your book marketing. However hard it is, expensive, painful create it. Readers will visit, for example, Amazon, if they want more information about your Book. Your website will lead them to the information they are looking for. The site will also attract ads and social links.
    You cannot market your Book without a website. It is a very crucial aspect for the success of your Book. Most publishers will not publish your Book if you do not have a website. Do not also allow your publisher to create a website for you. Look for professional web developers. A publisher may generate a website for short term selling of the Book.
    After creating your website, let the publisher to update it with information about the Book frequently.

  • Be unique

    Writing a book means that you are a very creative person. You may have some other skills other than writing, for example, singing. Promote your Book through this art. You will always be with your Book when travelling to the world and sell it to fans. Diversification is a vital tool. Use your publicity for your advantage.
    selling a book
    Writing a book is a tough task that involves a lot of creativity. Selling it either is not easy. Increasing your book sales requires a lot of hard work. In this article, I have vividly explained these points for an easy explanation and understanding of how to sell your Book. Thanks for reading this article. I wish you good luck with your work

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